BUILD’s Values

BUILD Partner’s values mirror those of BUILD as a whole, which are embedded in the curriculum. The rest of this page simply draws on that – the wording below is taken from the first unit of the first training module, where participants are introduced to the programme.

BUILD has five values. Each is a conviction about Christian learning rooted in the five words BUILD stands for (and from the word and verse in 2 Timothy they are linked to).

1. Biblical

BUILD believes in learning under Scripture

The word ‘biblical’ (and “Scripture” in 2 Tim 3:16-17) reminds us that our learning must come under the authority of God’s word. The Bible and its gospel must be central to our training if personal development and local church growth is to be genuine.

2. Understanding

BUILD believes in learning with integrity

The word ‘understanding’ (and “handle” in 2 Tim 2:15) reminds us that our learning must be conducted with integrity. Skilful and godly use of the Bible and its gospel are essential for the development and growth of true leaders.

3. In-service

BUILD believes in learning in context

The word ‘in-service’ (and “reflect” in 2 Tim 2:7) reminds us that learning is best done in the midst of ministry and mission. The training of local church leaders is to be done in partnership with their churches. BUILD was developed locally, which reflects this.

4. Leadership

BUILD believes in learning and leadership

The word ‘leadership’ (and “entrust” in 2 Tim 2:2) reminds us that leadership and learning belong together. Leaders who understand the gospel deeply and identify and invest in others are essential for healthy churches. This assumes teamwork and learning together.

5. Development

BUILD believes in learning for life

The word ‘development’ (and “continue” in 2 Tim 3:14) reminds us that while every training course comes to an end, Christian discipleship does not. Learning is for life and so our training must equip leaders to be life-long learners.